Jordanian risks it all on healthy, homemade snack

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(Photo: handout from Incredible Oat)
AMMAN — Incredible Oat is a Jordanian brand that began as a homemade snack Ahmad Abu Ali used to pack for the gym, but the bar, which is rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, has quickly become popular. اضافة اعلان

The Incredible Oat was founded by Ahmad and his mother when Ahmad was working in the United Arab Emirates.

His mother used to make him snacks and when Ahmad’s friends at the gym tried it, they advised him to start a business so could sell the homemade snacks. 

“I took a month off my work; I went back to Amman to get the required license to start the business,” Ahmad told Jordan News

Ahmad studied and worked as an accountant, and then he worked as a salesperson, which he credits as a “huge reason” for Incredible Oat’s success. “Without my experience in my previous career, I wouldn’t have known how to run the business,” Ahmad said.

 When the business started, Ahmad took a risk that he now considers as one of the best decisions of his life. He left his job in the Emirates and came back to Jordan to proceed with his family business. 

“When I left my Job everyone was scared and told me that I am taking a huge risk and that I shouldn’t have left my Job,” Ahmad said. 
In a year, the family business grew from home-based to being based out of a factory; or a “small crafts factory,” as he described it. 

What differentiates Incredible Oat from any other healthy snack is that the ingredients are totally natural and do not use any artificial ingredients, according to the business owner. “The natural ingredients costs more, where if we used artificial ingredients, we would be able to produce double the amount but at the end of the day, it is a family business and what sets us apart is its natural taste,” Ahmad explained. 

Aside from the rich taste, Incredible Oats can provide many solutions for people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, especially people who are busy, because it is a perfect alternative for a snack. “Instead of eating an unhealthy chocolate bar, or a croissant, it is better to eat the snack, especially since it has all the nutrition that the body needs,” Ahmad said. 

“I used to think that nobody eats Incredible Oat as much as I do, but I discovered later on that some of my clients eat it more than I do,” Ahmad said. 
Ahmad said that he is currently planning to make Incredible Oat an international brand. 

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