10-year-old Saeed shows promising talent in tennis

3. Aya
(Photo: Handout from Aya Sofia Al-Saeed)
AMMAN — 10-year-old Aya Sofia Al-Saeed presented herself as a promising prospective tennis champion, despite losing the final of the Dubai International Juniors Championship to Russian Bronenko Lyubov.اضافة اعلان

The aforementioned match lasted for nearly two and a half hours, and was dubbed a “marathon match.” Saeed surpassed players from Germany, Switzerland, and India in the event that concluded recently in Dubai.

Saeed fell in love with tennis at the age of seven and was supported by her parents, which enabled her to win various tournaments in Jordan and Belarus, most notably the Juniors Federation Championship twice, and the Dunes Club Championship.

Saeed speaks Arabic, Russian, and English fluently, and while she is focused on tennis, she also ensures to arrange her time to allow her to focus on her studies.

National tennis team coach and Tunisian expert, Rafik Bouchlaka, currently supervises her training as she pursues her dream journey towards qualifying for Wimbledon, which is the oldest and most famous tennis tournament that dates back to 1877.

This tournament attracts some of the most prominent tennis stars in the world every season, and participation in it is considered a privilege for any player.  The tournament is usually held in the last week of June and the first week of July annually.

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