Jordan braces for weather instability, with scattered showers anticipated

Jordan braces for weather instability, with scattered showers anticipated
Amman - Jordan is currently experiencing a bout of weather instability, with various regions bracing for scattered showers and fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. According to reports from the Jordan Meteorological Department, this atmospheric unpredictability is set to persist throughout Monday.اضافة اعلان

As clouds gather at different altitudes across the country, sporadic and irregular rainfall is anticipated, primarily in the eastern areas. Thunderstorms may accompany these showers intermittently, adding to the atmospheric dynamics.

Moderate northwesterly to northeasterly winds are prevailing, occasionally picking up in intensity and carrying dust particles, particularly in the eastern reaches of the Kingdom. However, as the day progresses into evening and nightfall, the likelihood of precipitation decreases. Cloud cover diminishes, wind speeds ease, and a gradual return to stability in weather conditions is anticipated.

The Meteorological Department has issued cautionary advisories, highlighting potential hazards such as reduced visibility due to fog in mountainous regions during the morning hours. Additionally, motorists are urged to exercise caution on wet roads, and reduced horizontal visibility due to dust is expected, particularly in eastern parts of the Kingdom.

Tuesday is forecast to witness a rise in temperatures, with warm conditions prevailing across most regions. Relative warmth is expected in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, accompanied by the appearance of clouds at medium and high altitudes. Winds are expected to be moderate and southeasterly in direction.

Wednesday is anticipated to bring further temperature increases, surpassing average seasonal norms by approximately 5-6 degrees Celsius. Warm weather is expected to persist across most regions, with relatively hot conditions in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Southeasterly winds are forecast to maintain a moderate pace.

Thursday's weather outlook maintains the trend of warmth across the Kingdom, with the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba experiencing relatively hotter conditions. Moderate northwesterly winds may occasionally intensify, especially in desert regions.

Temperature ranges today will vary across different regions. In East Amman, they are expected to fluctuate between 23-13 degrees Celsius, while West Amman may experience temperatures ranging from 21-11 degrees Celsius. In the northern highlands, temperatures are forecasted to range between 18-10 degrees Celsius, with the Shara highlands experiencing temperatures around 19-9 degrees Celsius. The Dead Sea region is expected to see temperatures ranging from 31-17 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in the Gulf of Aqaba are forecast to range from 32-18 degrees Celsius.

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