Hot, Dry Weather Forecast until Friday

Hot, Dry Weather Forecast until Friday
Amman - A dry and hot air mass is set to prevail on Tuesday, with temperatures expected to soar well above the seasonal average by approximately 7-8 degrees Celsius.اضافة اعلان

The Jordan Meteorological Department predicts warm weather across the highlands, with other regions also experiencing relatively warmer conditions. Cloud cover is anticipated at elevated altitudes, accompanied by moderate southeasterly winds intermittently gaining strength.

The forecast indicates that temperatures will continue to rise into Wednesday, maintaining dry and hot conditions across most of the country.

Thursday is expected to see a significant escalation in the impact of the dry and hot air mass, causing temperatures to surge approximately 10-12 degrees Celsius above the usual seasonal averages. Dry and relatively hot weather is anticipated, particularly in the highlands, while other areas will also experience heightened temperatures.

Cloud cover, primarily at medium and high altitudes, is expected, with southeasterly winds of moderate to occasional strength, stirring up dust, particularly in desert regions.

As the week progresses into Friday, the hot air mass is projected to slightly diminish, resulting in a cooler weather. Warm weather is forecast for most regions, while the Badia, Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba areas will encounter relatively hot to scorching conditions. Clouds are expected at medium and high altitudes, accompanied by strong to moderate northerly winds occasionally gaining force.

Today's maximum and minimum temperatures are as follows: Eastern Amman 32 - 19 C, Western Amman 30 - 17 C, Northern Highlands 28 - 17 C, Sharah Highlands 29 - 16 C, and Gulf of Aqaba 39 - 26 C.

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