Including Jordan .. Brazil resorts to 3 Arab countries to import fertilizers

agriculture spraying fertilizer
(Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Brazil has resorted to Morocco to secure its fertilizer needs, in light of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its economic repercussions, according to Moroccan media.اضافة اعلان

The new Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, Marcos Montes, will visit Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan this week in a diplomatic tour to discuss "ways to increase fertilizer imports from these countries, in the midst of the existing international crises."

Montes was quoted that "this trip reflects the fertilizer diplomacy pursued by Brazil," noting that "the private sector representatives will accompany him during this trip."

The Brazilian minister pointed out that "Brazil depends on imports to secure 85 percent of its fertilizer needs, but is concerned about the possible global shortage, after Western countries imposed many sanctions on Russia and Belarus."

Montes revealed in his statement that his country "seeks to encourage foreign investors to produce fertilizers, in parallel with encouraging local production at the same time," noting that "this visit was supposed to take place last month, but was postponed due to Ramadan."

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