Eid Al-Fitr a glimmer of hope for clothing stores amid pandemic

Eid Photo
In this undated photo, a merchant be seen rearranging shoes at a shop in Amman. (Photo: Ameer Khalifa/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Shopping during Eid Al-Fitr represented a needed boost for merchants, who reported increased sales. According to the owners of clothing stores, the holiday represented a glimmer of hope that they will be able to compensate their losses resulting from the pandemic.اضافة اعلان

Clothing stores owners and employees speaking to Jordan News said that they need to work every day the way they did in eid just to compensate 30 percent of their losses. They have significantly suffered from lack of foot traffic, a limitation on working hours, and a drop in purchasing power throughout the pandemic.

“I cannot say that things were not better in eid,” one clothing store owner said to Jordan News. “People came by my store to buy clothes they need for eid, but that is not enough. This current situation is temporary - I do not expect it to last for too long.”

Another clothing store owner told Jordan News that “You may see that malls are filled with people, but that’s not the real case as people come for ‘window shopping’ even in eid. Their priorities are different now, they only buy what they need.”

The owner added that “I may close my store if things remain like this. I do not blame people for not buying clothes as they are afraid from tomorrow and they need to save money, but I do blame the government for not easing its measures on them.”

“We in clothing stores reduced our prices so that we and customers benefit during eid,” said an employee working for a clothing store in one of Swefieh’s popular malls. “I guess this worked, as people came and bought what they needed for suitable prices, but we still cannot feel happy as we do not know what the next days will hold for us.”

The employee added that “early night curfew hours had destroyed us. The government decided to extend the curfew hours for eid and we pray that this lasts forever. I believe that extending the hours will help us a lot.”

In a previous interview, Munir Deyye, president of the Textile and Readymade Clothes Syndicate, said that clothing stores’ profits have dropped by almost 70 percent during the pandemic and subsequent safety measures.

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