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December 2 2021 5:52 AM ˚
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CPF announces Jordan Athletic Therapy Association

Left to right: Jordan Olympic Committee Secretary-General Nasser Majali, Crown Prince Foundation CEO Tamam Mango, and Jordan Athletic Therapy Association President Zeid Habashneh. (Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
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AMMAN — The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) announced Wednesday the launch of the Jordan Athletic Therapy Association (JATA), a joint effort between the CPF's Qusai initiative and the Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC), according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

The announcement was made during a press conference held on the fourth anniversary of the Qusai initiative, which was launched in 2014 by HRH Crown Prince Hussein.

The JATA, along with the Jordan Sport Medicine Federation, are the JOC's health arm. The association is concerned with boosting physical therapists' abilities and skills to deal with sport field emergencies, in addition to forming a legislative environment that protects the rights of athletes and practitioners.

Voicing her pride in the association, which was the fruit of seven years of labor, CPF CEO Tamam Mango, said, “we proudly announce that the Qusai initiative, which was launched following the tragic passing of Qusai Khawaldeh, has created the first specialized association in the Middle East and South Africa to accomplish its goals, alongside a Masters program for sports physical therapy to provide the sports sector with highly qualified people.”

Mango explained that the Qusai initiative's on-field physiotherapists have saved the lives of 12 athletes in the past few years, highlighting the CPF's plan to maintain the work flow over the next two years in partnership with the JOC.

JOC Secretary-General Nasser Majali, said that Jordanian sports have witnessed a noticeable improvement in the medical field as a result of the partnership between the committee and the foundation. The collaboration, he noted, came under a joint strategy to protect athletes and provide a safe environment while playing sports by offering full medical care during their participation in national and international tournaments.

Majali commended the major role of the Qusai initiative to recruit and train on-field physiotherapists in cooperation with the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT).

JATA President Zeid Habashneh, said that the association's vision is to have sports physical therapy recognized as a healthcare provider by 2025, and its mission is to make Jordan a pioneer in the field of physiotherapy in theory and in practice, as well as legislation in the Middle East and North Africa region.
The Qusai initiative put forth a strategy to improve practices in sports therapy. It was launched following the passing of footballer Qusai Khawaldeh, who lost his life due to an unfortunate medical incident while on the playing field.

The program aims to enhance methods and resources related to training sport therapists on and off the field. Following intensive training, the therapists’ skills would enable them to provide advanced medical treatment and therapy to Jordan’s athletes and make them invaluable assets to sports teams' regional and global success.

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