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August 14 2022 3:06 PM ˚
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16.2% of children in Jordan suffer neglect — study

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AMMAN — A national study on violence against children revealed that about 16.2 percent of Jordanian children are badly affected as a result of the absence of supervision and nurturing by their parent, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

The study, prepared by the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) in partnership with UNICEF showed that “carelessness that results in injuries was the most common type of neglect”. The study also showed that about 9.1 percent of children were offered cigarettes or other smoking substances from adults, while about 8.3 percent of Jordanian children feel that their parents do not care about them, and 8.2 percent feel that they are worthless.

The sample study showed that 5.5 percent of parents and caregivers admitted that they failed to provide health care for their children during illness, and 2.5 percent of caregivers were unable to provide a safe place of residence for their children.

The study defined neglect as “the failure to meet the child’s physical and psychological needs and protect them from danger”. Neglect also includes the concept of physical neglect, which means the failure to provide protection for the child from harm, including weak supervision, and inability to provide the child with basic needs, like food, shelter, clothes, and health care.

Neglect is also defined at poor emotional support and lack of showing love to the child, neglecting the psychological needs and mental health of the child, as well as academic neglect where the family is not committed to the inclusion of their children in education.

The study revealed that about 27 percent of children were subjected to some form of sexual violence, but the vast majority of these cases of violence, 24 percent, were incidents of “indecent speech”.

The results of the study showed that male children were subjected to sexual violence at greater rates than female children, by 31 percent among males and 23 percent among females, while 75 percent of children were exposed to physical violence.

The results of the study stressed the importance of supporting social protection policies, economic empowerment of families at risk, conducting in-depth studies on livelihoods and vulnerability assessments, in addition to the continuous development of support programs for survivors, rehabilitation programs for perpetrators of violence, and the development of follow-up and evaluation mechanisms to ensure the quality of services.

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