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Khalid Dalal

Khalid Dalal

The writer is a former advisor at the Royal Hashemite Court, former director of media and communication at the Office of His Majesty King Abdullah, and works currently as a senior advisor for media, strategic communication, PR, international cooperation, and business development locally, regionally and globally.

Hikma’s success story: how to revive industry

In a promotional video introducing itself, Hikma, Jordan’s iconic pharmaceutical company, starts with the phrase: It’s simple.

An initiative to follow

With a pioneering initiative led by the Jordan Restaurants Association (JRA) to systematize and increase job opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry, and with full support from the ministries of tourism and antiquities, and labor, all ingredients are in place for the tourism sector to play a promising role in easing unemployment in the country, which now stands at more than 22 percent.

Queen Elizabeth’s legacy

As expected in the world of the media today, with its open platforms for opinion and counter-opinion, reactions to the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II, especially in our part of the world, vary.

The UAE, a feasible, win-win approach to climate challenge

The news about climate change, as the primary suspect behind heavy rains, floods, wildfires, heat waves, and droughts around the world, has one upside: the alarming phenomenon has started to have the attention of the world, and some countries have already started to take the issue very seriously.

Political reform is, first and foremost, about youths

His Majesty King Abdullah and HRH Crown Prince Hussein are engaged in a constructive effort to bring about a vital change to society by ensuring the youths’ strong engagement in the political scene, which is critical to the future of our country and cannot be overlooked or delayed.

Philosophy at schools: Teaching youth how to think

A close examination of the Kingdom’s latest reforms literature would lead us to conclude that success hinges on the ability to develop how people think and accept the logic of reform. This development is indispensable to the process of bringing about the envisioned change.

Public administration reform — no option, but to succeed

The newly announced public administration reform plan completes the chain of reforms led by the Royal vision, based on the integration of political, economic, and public aspects to create a prosperous future Jordan and Jordanians are worthy of as the country takes its first steps in its second century.

A book timelier than ever

Jafar Hassan’s book “Jordanian Political Economy: Building Amidst Crises” should be a must-read not only for decision-making politicians and economists, but also for ordinary citizens.

It is all about tourism

Last week, His Majesty King Abdullah, accompanied by HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein, visited the archaeological site at Umm Al-Jimal, in the Northern Badia region. The visit clearly intends to promote tourism destinations less famous than the iconic Petra and Wadi Rum.

‘Make it in the Emirates’ and lessons to learn

One of the amazing things about the UAE, the second largest Arab economy, is that it never ceases to come up with creative ideas, which is exactly what other countries in this part of the world need to do.