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The sound of freedom

Rula Samin
Rula Samin (Photo: Jordan News)
Have you ever had the chance to watch a bird fly from a tree branch, to land on the electricity wires and swim freely and carelessly under the blue sky? When I watch such a scene, I do that with all my senses, feeling that part of my soul swims with this bird it and roves freely in the sky. What an amazing feeling, which leaves me thinking that God’s creations must have all been born free. اضافة اعلان

The search for freedom is what fuels human desire for progress and achievement, and, consequently, and for staying alive.

Aiming towards freedom and the dire need to maintain this feeling is the reason why many feel so frustrated from the lockdown, resent limitations, and constantly demand for their voices to be heard in the name of freedom of speech, of thinking, of questioning, and of the right to have answers.

Freedom in my understanding is not only the ability to think, but more to question. It is not only the capability to talk, but more to obtain the skill of listening. The exposure masses have to the enormous amount of information we find on the social media, leaves few capable of making their own independent decisions, and they are left with a sense of pseudo-freedom.

Freedom is the equivalent of dignity, since this must have been one of the few elements that differentiate man from the rest of the creatures.  As noble and worthy, freedom dissolves where insolence arises. And as such, the opposite of freedom is terrorism, violence, and hate speech.

In politics – life is all about politics – it first materializes in dialogue, the element needed now more than ever everywhere. It makes no difference the many degrees a person holds, if there is not the ability to listen. Pride binds. Ignorance ruins. Lack of empathy destroys.

Though freedom is seldom in times of crises, it is most of the time a personal decision to turn to the inner space where a person may escape the external coercion to truly feel free.  It does not necessarily mean isolation form society.

If searched for, freedom will not be formed with letters, or found in words and sentences. It is found in the tweeting of the birds, in singing and dancing, in music-playing, and in praying. Freedom is when you give a needy without expecting anything in return, give love without limits, and have the ability to smile from the heart.  This demands self-awareness and maturity; but in our current times, many speak and only few tend to listen, troubled by the noise the crowd is making, talking much, but truly saying nothing. 

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