WFP needs $73m to maintain present assistance to refugees

(Photo: WFP Facebook)
AMMAN — The UN World Food Program (WFP) needs $73 million until the end of the year to maintain the current level of assistance and avoid reducing the number of beneficiaries or the quantity of food aid given to eligible refugees, seeing that it suffers from a “significant funding gap”, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

According to a WFP report, “the funding gap for the WFP remains large until the end of this year”, and thus the program “as of September 2022, will have to reduce the level of assistance it provides for all refugees living in communities by nearly a third, to ensure the continuity of aid to the neediest families and to avoid cutting off assistance to some”.

The WFP report said if it were to increase the value of food assistance “to bring it up to the 2018 level, when the current value was determined, the program would need $97.6 million to cover the needs of 465,000 beneficiaries until the end of the year”.

Between this August and coming January, WFP needs $114.7 million to fund all its Jordan operations, which include providing food assistance to targeted refugees, and continuing the school feeding project, the report said.

In addition, WFP requires $3.2 million to provide daily school meals to 433,000 vulnerable students in Jordan in the same period.

“With such significant funding constraints, WFP in Jordan cannot maintain the same level of food aid for all refugees in host communities,” the report stated, adding that refugee families classified as “most in need of food assistance” outside the camps, that usually receive food assistance at a value of JD23 per person/month, will receive JD15 per person/month, refugee families outside the camps classified as “in need of medium food assistance” who usually receive food assistance at a value of JD15 per person/month will receive JD10 per person/month, and all refugee families registered inside the camps continue to receive food assistance as it is, at a value of JD23 dinars per person/month if funding continues to be made available to the program, it said.

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