Launch of international referees’ course in Amman

(Photo: Handout from the Jordan Basketball Federation)
Amman — The international referees’ course "refinement and revitalization" took place on Friday and will continue until Monday evening.

The event, organized by the Asian Basketball Federation in cooperation with the Jordanian Basketball Federation, aims اضافة اعلان
to inform the participating referees about all the amendments to the rules and standardizing arbitration concepts.

Nabeel Abu-Ata, Secretary General of the Basketball Federation, said at Friday’s opening: "There is no doubt that this session will reflect positively on the level of the Jordanian referees, enhancing their expertise and developing their knowledge of the minutiae related to the rules of the game.”

The new amendments will be explained to the participants, along with being informed of similar arbitral cases, as well as evaluating the performance of the referees during their participation in the course through the practical application by going to the floor.

All participants will undergo a fitness test this Sunday, with the referees who pass the tests approved for the international roster.

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